Gothic Music Orgy. Vol. 1(2015)

Seelennacht - Casting Light
Extize - When Angels Fall Darktunes Mix Feat Cynical Existence
Ginger Snap - Polaris Remixed By Roman Magpie
Amandas Nadel - Der Schwarze Mann
Samarah - Halo
Stoppenberg - Raiding Party
Shiv-R - Retina Darktunes Mix
Everpresent - Mine
Dr Geek And The Freakshow - Jack In The Box
Trrr rrr - Redemption Feat Alien Vampires
Binary Division - Alone Darktunes Mix
Schramm - Hass Mich
Flesh - I Wanna See You Bleed
Deus Ex Vagina - Cutterfly
InLegend - Choices In Coma
Omnimar - Reason
Devil-M - I Am God
Studio-X Vs Simon Carter - Gone Together Again Cryogen RMX
Ego Get Your Gun - Ego
Basszilla - Don t Fear The Beast Darktunes Mix
NDN - Horror Darktunes Mix
BlutKraft - A Light Darktunes Mix
Heaven Your Arms - Deep Down Inside You Need Love
Taina - Illusion RMX
Insectrum - Paincrusher
Djversion - Goodbye World Exemia RMX - Darktunes Mix
Suicide Echoes - Dying
Bad Influence - Venom
Kryonix - Face Your Fears ES RMX
Annoyed - One Man
[snuff] - Missionary
Shear Faith - Self Assimilation Process
Last Satanic Divine - Kind Aus Staub
Desastroes - Piratentanz
Projekt Stand Up And Fight
God Astray - Electro-Orgasmic
Man Woman Machine - Drop Hybrid Version
Bioassay - Energy
Dunkelherz - Let s Get Dirty
Elyani - Angst Electrocut
Dead Inside Effect - Set In Darkness
Nano Infect - Danceslut Extize Drt-E-RMX
Perversion Index - Goldener Schwanz Darktunes Mix
Suono - Dark Style Twisted By Chainreactor
SynthAttack - Melody Overload
Shadow System - Venomous
Violet Light Syndrome - Somehow
reADJUST - Lazarus
Meine Liebe - I Kiss Your Body RMX By My Beloved Death
Der Bassstimmfuhrer - Der Bassstimmfuhrer

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